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Ready to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into a Life You Love?

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Take one of our assessments and learn more than you imagined possible through our online tools. Learn how you can better communicate with those around you and how to increase your effectiveness.


Maybe you are at a turning point, or have a project you are wanting to launch, perhaps you feel called to find your purpose. Our 1:1 coaching allows you to connect with a coach that will help you clarify your goals and take action to achieve your dreams. With a coach, you will go further, faster.  


Do you wish your team had the tools, resources and communication skills to function at the elite level? Our Small Group/Team coaching can accelerate the productivity of your team and take your business to the next level. 

For years, sports teams have known the power of coaching. Yet only now are we beginning to apply the concept of coaching to our personal and professional lives.

Just like every premier athlete has a coach, you need a coach to play better. 

A coach can help you draw out the greatness that is already within you. A coach can give you the focus, tools and accountability you need to achieve the results you want. A coach can help you put one foot in front of the other when you feel


Is Coaching Therapy?

Absolutely NOT! 
In coaching, we help you clarify your goals, then create a clear plan to close the gap between where you currently are vs where you want to go. Our focus is forward, not spending hours psychoanalyzing your relationship with your parents. Hear me out, therapy is great, but it's not what we do.  

How is Life Coaching Different than Business Coaching?

Great question! The truth is, there is a fuzzy line between the two. We can focus on either, or both. Coaching is about making your life work better, in both your business and your personal relationships, and your relationship with yourself.

How Do I Know If I Need A Coach?

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, you need a coach. A coach can point out blindspots and limiting beliefs, then help you obliterate those and step into a more powerful existence. A coach will help you create new patterns, routines and rituals that will empower and support you in living your best life. 
Hi there! 

The time is now! If you've found your way here, more than likely you've hit what I call "threshold." A time when you declare, no more!

You crave that sense of something deeper, a life filled with meaning, living out your purpose.

Our Coaches help you break through limiting beliefs and patterns to create a clear path towards your dreams.

Of course along the way you will uncover your superpowers and find inner freedom.

The clients we work with are looking for someone to be rigorous and brutally honest with them. To push them to their edge, yet hold safe sacred space. Our clients know we care deeply and operate with the utmost integrity. They know we have their back.

You ready?

Here's What Clients Just Like You Are Saying About Our Coaching...

"Leanne brings such enthusiasm, practical, effective support to enable you to master your mind and unleash your inner peace, freedom and success, personally and professionally. 
I was pleasantly shocked and surprised each week, when she would circle back to our first week and second week etc and would wrap all of my baby steps together to keep me on track. The way in which she knew exactly what questions to ask me at any moment, to get me to figure things out, was no less than impressive as well."

"Leanne challenges me and provides a safe place for me to not only be open, but vulnerable as well. She does this in a way that I am comfortable and at ease. In her unique, professional, straightforward way, Leanne is able to get me to reach outside of my preconceived comfort zone into the uncomfortable, allowing me to become curious and more visible. She is so easy to talk to and has helped me develop and expand my strengths, while encouraging me to clear the clutter and make space for something bigger."

"Leanne’s coaching has played an invaluable role in accomplishing my goals. She has helped me navigate the path to success through inquiry, allowing me to truly see what's important and giving me the tools to create exactly what I want for my future. Her coaching has aided me in removing the obstacles that I had created for myself which in turn gave me the confidence and ability to obtain my desirable outcome. I am so very grateful I took the step to hire Leanne as my coach."

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